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You create a positive customer experience with fast, efficient and professional delivery from Select Express & Logistics.

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Expect More reliable on-demand messenger and trucking services with rush and expedited service options as well as sound and economical scheduled and routed delivery programs.

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Expect More with our technology that delivers fast and efficient on-line ordering and real-time tracking. Take control of your logistics and your expenses with our customized billing options. You get the information that you need the way that you need it.

Expect More support from our professional support staff available 24/7/365 and Expect More from our professional uniformed couriers and drivers who remain in constant contact with our customer service and dispatch teams.


Our first day of business we had 3 messenger calls. A month later we're into Christmas with 30 or 40 calls a day and then a spike to 80 calls in a day, and we didn't have enough messengers. So Joe Gallo (Senior Vice President) and I say "Ok, give us manifests…" We grabbed manifests and radios, and went out and started making deliveries. Eric, our dispatcher was apologizing. But it's like starting any new business you just do what you have to do. I remember going into one of our accounts' offices with a delivery, and the client asks "Aren't you the owner of the company?" and when I said yes, she responded "Boy you guys provide really good service if I'm getting deliveries from the owner!"

– Errol Cvern, CFO