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Reliable, Accurate and Timely Distribution

Expect More efficient and cost effective solutions

We provide local, regional and national distribution solutions that are expertly engineered for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Expect More from our customized logistics systems, our modern and fully equipped facilities and our experienced management and staff.

Expect More options and flexibility

  • Pick up from distribution centers
  • Receiving shipments and deliveries
  • OSD reporting (overages/shortages/damages)
  • Cross docking
  • Bulk sorting
  • Consolidate shipments for order fulfillment
  • Accurate documentation for chain of custody
  • Deluxing
  • Pick and pack
  • Critical parts programs
  • Efficient routing (we can create efficient routing solutions or follow yours)
  • Same day or next day delivery options
  • Assembly and installation teams


The first year that Sports Authority asked us to provide this service was when the Giants played New England in the Super Bowl. I'm a Giants fan but felt that there was no way in the world the Giants could win this game. We had made all the preparations – arranging for 24 24ft trucks to be available to line up down a very narrow street in lower Brooklyn at 2 in the morning, where if the impossible happened and the Giants won, we would be in front of this printer's warehouse. If the Giants won, the printer would start to print t-shirts, caps and sweatshirts, and we would have 24 trucks waiting and ready to deliver them to every Sports Authority store throughout NY & NJ. That Sunday night I was going out with my family and all of a sudden I turn on the radio and hear "The Giants Win! The Giants Win!" All of our managers went into action to round up the troops. I went to the printer's warehouse about an hour and a half later and it was quiet, it was desolate, and then all of a sudden these large trucks start rolling up. We checked the drivers in and waited until about 4 am for the freight. It was a very interesting project. Sports Authority was so pleased – they beat their competition. That's the goal of their business is to beat out the other sporting goods stores. And they've rolled this program out year 2 and year 3 with us.

– Michael Reminick
Business Development Manager