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Professionalism and Compassion

As Sensitive as Home Delivery Gets

Our drivers know that these are not ordinary deliveries under ordinary circumstances and that is why they are not ordinary drivers. The health and wellbeing of your customer's - their very lives are our top priority.

The sensitive and private nature of these deliveries, the special requirements along with speed and reliability are the hallmark of our service. From delivering to the designated person to entering their home and setting up and installing equipment they may need is all done with our fully screened professional uniformed drivers. Our drivers always carry proper identification, two-way radio and GPS and they comply with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) as required.

We recognize the special circumstances when we return to pick up equipment as part of our reverse logistics and asset recapturing service.

Call to speak to one of our healthcare logistics specialists to develop a home delivery and assembly service that fits your unique needs.


We service many home healthcare providers whose patients are critically and/or chronically ill. To ensure the safety of everyone, our drivers go through a battery of medical tests and training in order to provide these extremely sensitive deliveries, because they are delivering and setting up oxygen tanks. We have dedicated drivers who have been carefully screened to provide these services.

– Joe Gallo, Senior Vice President