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Better People Bring Better Ideas and Better Execution

Integrity, Values, Energy and Smarts

Select Express & Logistics opened their doors in 2001 with Errol Cvern and Joe Gallo, and in 2002 Jay Waldman joined. All three had been together at Contemporary Courier, which was bought by U.S. Delivery, later known as Velocity Express. This trio comprises an executive core with over 70 years of combined experience.

Recognizing that better people bring better ideas and better execution, they don't hire for what they need now but for what they are going to need in the future. Their philosophy on hiring is akin to drafting the best athlete and know that he/she will make a place for them self on the team. Select Express & Logistics look for qualities like integrity, values, energy and smarts.

The vision for Select Express & Logistics was to pursue a market that was beginning to emerge but had not yet taken hold - home delivery. The courier industry was changing and the need to move paper was diminishing. Noticing a change in consumer behavior they believed there was an opportunity to grow in the home delivery business. Recognizing that a demand would need to be created, they set out to re-engineer their courier operation leveraging existing assets and knowledge to create a new business model with a cost effective solution to develop same day service, ranging from drop off to white glove service for on-line and brick and mortar retailers.

Today this vision still holds true as Select Express & Logistics continually challenges the status quo in the logistics business with fresh ideas and creating new solutions that continually bring added value to their customers' efforts to gain a leading edge in an extremely competitive and challenged market.

Select Express & Logistics knows that doing a good job is not enough, that doing things better and more creatively is the solution.