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Reduce Shipping Costs

Our regional terminals serve as your shipping hub.

When you have expensive LTL deliveries to multiple delivery points, Pool Distribution is a cost effective alternative. Expect More control over multiple shipments and deliveries and Expect More Savings with Select Express & Logistics' Pool Distribution Solution.

Instead of going LTL direct to different locations, ship to one of Select Express & Logistics' strategically located warehouses. You will benefit with reduced shipping costs of larger shipments. We take it from there. Receiving the shipments and then reporting overages, shortages and damages, we then segregate and sort by delivery point. Your orders are then placed on our local delivery trucks for fast and efficient point deliveries.

Pool distribution is a cost effective solution to complex logistical challenges. Bring this solution together with our network of scheduled, routed and expedited deliveries and you have a seamless solution that keeps costs down and improves service.