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When Getting It There Isn't Enough

Bringing the last mile to a big smile. Your customers will appreciate assembly and installation services.

It used to be having items in stock was enough. Then the challenge became home delivery. Then the expectation for faster deliveries. Now customers want that and more. Your ability to offer white glove, assembly and installation services nationwide can be answered with Select Express & Logistics.

Our national coverage with warehousing, delivery and installation teams allows you to bring the quickest and most professional service to carry your customer experience beyond their front door. Adding this service improves your bottom line with an additional revenue stream and removes barriers from purchase – increasing overall sales.

Expect More Service with Select Express & Logistics' team of trained and certified drivers. Imagine your customer's joy and excitement with an expedited delivery and installation.

We assemble and install a wide range of goods:

  • Home entertainment systems, we include basic television hook-up
  • Home furnishings such as closet systems, shelving units, juvenile furniture and other RTA and KD furnishings (RTA – ready to assemble; KD – knocked down)
  • Home gyms, pool tables
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor sports and recreational equipment including trampolines, swing sets and more
  • DME (Durable Medical Equipment)
  • Not sure? Give us a call and ask!


Pottery Barn had a rather large sale of furniture that was going to a home in northern NJ. Their customer had just bought a new mansion. The store manager called and said "This is the dilemma: we have a large order of furniture, and the customer wants us to deliver it, unpack it, assemble it, and this is going to take a full day. What can you do to help?"

Our response was to send several teams. We took our most senior manager in operations and 8 senior staff from our company were in the customer's house along with a team from the Pottery Barn. We were all there throughout the day until midnight taking everything out of the boxes, assembling everything from shelves to tables to sofas to hutches (you name it – every type of furniture that you would imagine in an elaborate home), put it exactly where the customer wanted it placed. The customer was extremely satisfied – as was the team from Pottery Barn. That's something that goes above and beyond.

– Michael Reminick
Business Development Manager