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Expect More With Our Customized Routes To Meet Your Specific Needs

Expect More efficiencies, more savings and improved service levels with customized routes and schedules for daily, weekly or monthly needs.

When your operation has predefined locations with time specific delivery scheduling requirements the solution is Select Express & Logistics' Scheduled and Routed Services.

Expect More from this dynamic service that will meet your operation's requirements by providing drivers on a consistent basis who become familiar with your unique requirements, your route and builds a rapport with your customers.

Hospitals, medical labs, banks, libraries, retailers and other service providers with regular pick-up and delivery routes and schedules, rely on Select Express & Logistics to improve the quality and reliability of service and to improve the bottom line with smarter solutions. Our customers have happy customers and a healthier bottom line.

Give us a call today and speak with one of our logistics specialists to see how we can improve your service and your bottom line.

Your service, operations and finance managers benefit with our technology and staff poised to be efficient and accurate:

  • Shipments and deliveries are available on our system in real time for continuous control and support
  • Our uniformed couriers and drivers are in constant two-way contact with dispatch and customer service
  • Electronic dispatching and proof of delivery capture offer seamless controls and documentation
  • Customized billing programs are designed to work with your system allowing for flexibility in reporting and invoicing options to meet your needs
  • Live, highly trained customer service representatives available 24/7/365


Several years ago, we acquired an account, the Westchester Library at the busiest time of year for them. Making the transition required that I was on site for the first 27 hours, and the customer was also there into the wee hours. The previous system was 4 vehicles that went out every day, but we came in with a sound solution that brought the requirement from 4 vehicles down to 2 and staggered the routes so one works during the day and one does the overnight. We reduced their costs and at the same time improved their service with a better schedule. Now we’re entering a second 3-year contract with them.

– Rob Lamell, C.O.O.